Happy day to all of you beautiful Studiobylala viewers! I would like to introduce you to your Studiobylala photography team… That’s correct “team”. We are a team of 8 loud and crazy, coffee lovers, croqueta ninjas but overall a very hard working group dedicated to photography.

 The short story we found each other by being on the other side of the camera, with the exception of Lala and Daniel who had an idea of a photography business that later became a reality. We all started as a clients of Studiobylala at one point in our  lives, just like hopefully you will be. (For more information on each of us, visit our main site)

 Lala as the lead photographer and creative director as well as our other photographers Eve, Thali and Ani are the most caring, patient and dedicated girls always looking to make sure you have an amazing session. Our team of editors are amazing as well and their attention to detail give your beautiful photos that last touch of perfection. Finally, the man behind the scenes who keeps things flowing smoothly is our Studio Manager Daniel he does it all.

Hope you have an amazing experience with us while we photograph your family, or sing mickey mouse songs to your baby, and if you don’t for some reason it’s probably because you didn’t bring croquetas or cafesito.